My lost computer


This is a real story… It was a beautiful day of spring, everything was back to life again. I was coming home from the bookshop were I have spend all my afternoon. I went into my room and I felt a little awkward…my computer was taking away from it’s place. I started to panic because I didn’t know what happened, my mother was at work, so was my father.I started to panic. I called my mother on the phone but there was no answer. Finally she got home and she explained how all the things happened. She was trying to make a program for her usual skedule (orar) but she pressed by mistake a few buttons and everything went wrong. The computer turned off. Trying to make it right again she turned on the computer but it didn’t work. She called my father and they took the computer at computer service. I felt sorry because I was getting use to that computer and I had to do a lot of internet work for that week. The next day I was invited over a friend’s party and I did have a lot of fun.We played cards and I almost forgot about my problem. Later that week I went at the library to buy a novel that was requested at school and I found a lot of interesting books to read, too. I think that a computer is important in a teenager’s life because it improves the knowledge. Nowadays almost all the teenagers have computers in their homes and they are starting to learn more to deal with them. In two weeks my computer will be back were it belongs. Meanwhile I will try to read and make some sports. Maybe this way the times passes by real fast.